I’ve Been a Bad Bad Blogger

By mamaintranslation365

January 20, 2008

Category: Metablogging


Yeah, and I’ve also written a post with this very same title before, in the other blog, the browser even had it saved there…

OK, so, I haven’t posted for some days, but I did take the photos, so I’m posting them again today, and “editing” the posts to the respective dates. That’s how it’s going to be from now on, OK? It’s my blog, I call the shots. Here’s the deal: I’ll do my best to take photos everyday, but I may not post them on that day if I don’t have the time and I’ll come back and post them later. OK?

(Is anyone reading this anyway? I know Kate – hi Kate! [wave]- added me to her feed reader, but I think this brand new blog is still too recent to have any followers 😉

I guess I have a pretty good excuse for at least last night (I’m planning to write about it on the other blog and I’ll link to it after I’m done there). The excuse actually is related to this cute little person you’ve seen here before.

Anyway, let me go get the camera and download the photos so they can be uploaded. So many ups and downs! (silly silly joke).


3 Responses to “I’ve Been a Bad Bad Blogger”

  1. I love that baby picture… so sweet! I can’t believe that in just a few weeks, I’ll have one of those, too!And I am quite impressed with your son’s math skills– wow! Pedro’s school isn’t having them do anything nearly that advanced yet. Well, they are working on it, but definitely not adding numbers without anything concrete (or drawn objects) to back it up with.

  2. I’m reading! I’m looking at your photos! (and liking them a lot) I think it is good to not be too strict with ourselves, or we’re bound not to continue blogging. I am trying to post photos every day, but I don’t TAKE them every day, you know what I mean? (ie, I took a ton of photos this weekend and they will probably last me til February, but I’m not going to flog myself about that because… what’s the point) We should all just blog, write, post, shoot pictures, whenever we can and feel like it. 🙂 SO THERE.

  3. I’m following you blog, even though you don’t know me =]

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