1.25 – Rubber Ducky Bathroom

By mamaintranslation365

January 26, 2008

Category: Around Other People's Houses


I didn’t even ask my SIL permission to share these, but I’m sure she wouldn’t/won’t mind (I don’t know if I told her I’ve blogged about her party decorating abilities either ;)* So since we are (were) at her house for the weekend I took these pictures to share:

Now these are bolder colors, aren’t they?

I love this bright yellow and blue/white stripped rubber ducky themed bathroom (ours has the same theme, but with different curtain and no border or the great paint).

* Now, if my blogging SIL reads this by any chance, I just want to let you know that I’d ask you express permission before blogging about anything, OK?


2 Responses to “1.25 – Rubber Ducky Bathroom”

  1. I used to have a rubber duck bathroom when Nathan was very little. It was a fun room, and people always commented on it. And of course people would bring me various types of rubber ducks to display — devil ducks for Halloween, Santa ducks for Christmas — and things finally got out of hand so I de-ducked my bathroom.

  2. No problem. I’m not too concerned. 🙂 K and I bought our first item for the baby’s room today: a beaded lion’s head (which sounds sort of tacky, but is really cute). I don’t know how much decorating we’ll actually do at our temporary apartment, but this should be simple to hang.

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