1.26 – No $ For Tiles? No Problem!

By mamaintranslation365

January 27, 2008

Category: Around Other People's Houses


Edited to add comment at the end

If you cannot afford a tiled backsplash in your kitchen, here’s a great suggestion for you:Another look:
I tell you, my SIL is a genius :). She did see something similar at a friend’s house and that’s where she got the idea from, but I still think that I think that the pattern she created inspired by the checkered colors in her sons’ stroller/carseat/high chair is AWESOME!!! (of course I love it because I ADORE green).

Edited to add:
My other SIL asked in the comment section how it was done. Our SIL’s friend, the one who had something similar in her kitchen, said she’d done it with square sponges, like stamping. SIL tried that approach, but it didn’t really work so well, so she actually painted each and every one of those little squares!! (with glossy or semi-glossy paint, to work like a washable backsplash)


2 Responses to “1.26 – No $ For Tiles? No Problem!”

  1. I know I’ve seen this, but how did she do it?

  2. Oh wow. That must have been time consuming. But a very creative and economical option, and it looks great.

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