1.27 – Jane Austen Books

By mamaintranslation365

January 28, 2008

Category: Books


Since it’s become a “tradition” (thanks to PBS) to blog about Jane Austen every Sunday evening (or Monday morning), and , on account of that and other past posts, I even created a Jane Austen label in my other blog, I took these photos for “today’s” post (of course written on 1/31).

I feel a bit ashamed to admit that I had the courage to shell over 40 bucks (plus shipping) to that book club thing for these books just because they were pretty. I didn’t even like (more like hate) the “vintage” illustrations, but I guess now I’ve gotten used to them.And I still think that the books are pretty (although the photo below is not very good).This one is a bit better:
P.S. Don’t you dare tell me that you love the “vintage” striped carpet. I hate it. It’ll be removed. End of story. 😉 (I see your comment coming, Susan, I do).


3 Responses to “1.27 – Jane Austen Books”

  1. That’s CARPET?Oh dear. Where is it? I think my eyes are bleeding!(But the books are very, very cute.)

  2. Those covers are gorgeous (and the carpet is criminal).

  3. OMG that carpet is terrible!

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