1.29 – Hardwood Floors: Before and After

Remember I warned you this was going to be the “before and after” project 365+1 blog? Here’s a good example of my sometimes obsessive photographic chronicling of stuff, in this case, the uncovering and cleaning of our hardwood floors. I won’t repeat the dose with the other rooms, obviously since this is boring enough 😉 (all photos actually taken on the 29th, but posted on 2/3).

Before, general and detailed view.

The floor was covered with the remains of the old crumbled “rubbery” carpet padding which actually turned to powder and stuck to the grooves in between the planks (besides dulling or altogether removing the floor finish — we may need to refinish it although I do like the matte look of the almost unfinished floors). We removed the sticky green stuff with a wire brush and my husband pulled the wooden “prickly” sticks that were nailed to the sides as well as the staples throughout the room.

Sequence of work on the wall by the window:

I: Just uncovered
II: Holes filled with wood-filler
III: After sanding the wood filler
IV: End results
Not bad, huh?


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