Hues of Blue

OK, I totally agree with you Susan that the blue in the boy’s bedroom is pastel and not a bold color at all… (and I also confess now that K and I are a bit cowardly where bold paint is concerned) but it is bolder and much darker than the previous blue we chose for their bedroom in the old house, check them side by side (click to enlarge):

So, I guess what I wrote about the new color being “something brighter and a bit bolder” is perfectly accurate, isn’t it?

P.S. (I’ll post more photos of the old bedroom in my regular blog someday, or maybe here).


2 Responses to “Hues of Blue”

  1. I think it actually is pretty bold. We had originally painted Nathan’s Superman bedroom that color, but decided it was too bright (!) and opted for something much lighter. I think our problem was that all of the other colors on our upper level were fairly muted, Martha-Stewart-esque shades, and the bright blue was too jarring for us. What color are you going to paint the master bedroom? How many bedrooms are in the house (I’ve forgotten)? Do they ALL have that gorgeous floor?

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