2.5 – Palimpsest of Paint Colors I

One of the things that an older house (ours is 43 years old) has to offer — apart from the potential existence of toxic/hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos — is a glimpse into its past, the way it used to look like (a poorly kept “fixer-upper” like ours more so than others ;).

Ever since we started painting last September I’ve been having fun finding out the original colors of some of the rooms and since that’s what I photographed tonight, I’ll share some of those “color palimpsests” with you (this is the first in a series, I guess).

I thought that the guest room we’re painting tonight had only been an ugly purple and later (badly) painted beige, but no. It seems that the original color was blue, then there was pink, which was covered in purple (baby girl transitioning to teenager?), and, finally, beige. See if you can spot the layers here (click to enlarge):Here you can see more of them. The pink is kind of hidden above the big purple patch under the baseboard heat and there seems to be another, lighter, blue over the pink, the darker blue can be seen behind the pipe in the bottom left of the photo:
And here are the blue and pink trying to hide:


3 Responses to “2.5 – Palimpsest of Paint Colors I”

  1. This blog is a pain in the butt

  2. Why bother coming here and leaving comments, then, “reader”?

  3. I find the layers on walls fascinating, and the side-on photos rather beautiful, myself.

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