2.10 – Guest Bedroom Renovation In Progress

Edited to add missing photos and a P.S.
Note: These photos were taken over the course of several days, from 2/4 to 12.

General View/Floors

Before:During: Even though the pink goes well with the purple carpet, we knew that the really old carpet had beautiful hardwood floors underneath just waiting to be uncovered and cleaned up.
Detail of slightly damaged floor in the corner of the room (it’ll need some work in the future, but we don’t know how to deal with it):

I’ve already posted a similar picture, but I just couldn’t publish this post without the “after” picture 🙂

Painting the Closet

Before:This color would go well with the boy’s bedroom, but not this one. Besides, you probably can’t see it, even if you click on it, but the closet is full of scuff marks and in need of painting.

I don’t think that pink and blue were going that well together… 🙂

After:This was actually supposed to be the color of this bedroom, but we decided against it because the boy’s bedroom is blue and ours will be aqua green, so we needed a warmer color for the guest bedroom. There was no pink paint left for the closet, though, and we decided to use the “greenish” paint we had since it matches the curtains perfectly as you can see in the above picture of the finished room.

Edited to add
P.S. I forgot to say that the closet couldn’t be painted pink because the pink paint (which I bought for 5 bucks at the “reject” pile at Hom3 Depot) was not the brand that we usually buy and it was really a bad, thin paint. A whole gallon was almost not enough to cover the walls of this tiny bedroom while we usually have a lot paint left after painting bigger rooms with our preferred paint. So… we had to use the grayish green (also 5 bucks, but the “better” brand — we cannot afford the fancier “chain paint store” paints yet).


One Response to “2.10 – Guest Bedroom Renovation In Progress”

  1. I’m not seeing all of the photos, but I love the final view of the guest bedroom. It looks very welcoming and lovely.

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