2.21 – Soup Photos Inspired by Paintings

By mamaintranslation365

February 21, 2008

Category: Art, Food

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Are you going to think I’m crazy if I tell you I photographed the soup yesterday because it reminded of the paintings by Kli*mt I copied below? It was something about the colors, and the way the potatoes and leeks seemed to have a bit of a checkered pattern… The photos do not convey the similarity well, but I felt it.

I love art, and although once in a while I have these feelings that something I see or a moment I live is reminding me of a painting, I had never registered it like that, in a photo. That’s why what Anastasia said of her own project 365 is so fitting, we have to learn how to look, pay attention, and see new things. I’m glad it’s finally dawning on me that I can do that.

Now you tell me. Does this soup (the close up doesn’t really convey the texture, so I included another one that shows the pot)… …Make you think of those, by any chance? Or is/was it just me? Now tell me, should I delete these images because it could be copyright infringement to have them here? I always wonder about that when I get images online.


One Response to “2.21 – Soup Photos Inspired by Paintings”

  1. I can see why you make the connection between the textures, though I’m not sure that it’s something I would have thought of.

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