1.4.10 – 20+ Kinds of Fruit Popsicles/ Brooms

By mamaintranslation365

January 4, 2010

Category: Food, Things

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From top left to right:
Taberoba, Mangaba, Açaí, ??, Brigadeiro (chocolate candy, not fruit) Tentação (temptation, not a fruit)
Murici, Buriti, Umbu, ?? , Jabuticaba
Cupuaçu, Graviola, Pequi, Milho Verde [corn], Cajá
Tamarindo, Abacaxi (pineapple), Limão Suíço (Swiss lemon), Côco (coconut), Maracujá (passion fruit), Manga (mango), top right – Caju (cashew).
Note: photos actually taken on 1/5, but there were too many photos from that day to share ;-). And the ones taken on 1/4 were “boring.”

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