1.6.10 (II) – Brasília, Brazil’s National Capital

By mamaintranslation365

January 7, 2010

Category: Brasil/Brazil, Places

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In 2010 Brasília will be only 50 years old, having been built from scratch literally in the middle of nowhere and inaugurated in 1960 by Juscelino Kubistcheck, the visionary president who dreamed it into being. This strange city, shaped like an airplane, is the brainchild of the architect Oscar Niemeyer (still alive at 100+ years old). Its modernist architecture is definitely dated and, unfortunately, crumbling in many places. K and I were pretty depressed by our visit…
Panoramic view from the “TV Tower:”
The buildings on each side of the National Congress (in the center with the two thin towers) are the offices of the various “ministeries” or ministry cabinets (called secretaries in the U.S.).
The National Congress:
The broken sidewalk is a good metaphor for how time has treated this city:
The Country’s “Pantheon:”
Alvorada [Sunrise] Palace, Brazil’s “White House” (only for living, not working, though):
Planalto Palace, the president’s workplace which is currently being remodeled:

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